Sheri Lowery

Senior Paralegal

Sheri Lowery

Sheri Lowery joined the firm in 2015, after working with some of the most prestigious law firms in San Diego. Sheri has a tremendous skillset as a Family Law Mediator and Paralegal, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Marketing. She works primarily with our firm founder, Garrison "Bud" Klueck, and handles the marketing and mediation for the firm. Sheri also coordinates the Second Saturday East San Diego County program, hosted by the firm. She is a member of the Thomas More Society Hospitality Committee, and a member of the Cuyamaca College Paralegal Program Advisory Board.

In 2008, Sheri completed the National Conflict Resolution Center’s training program in Mediation, and has participated in hundreds of family law mediations since then. She is a strong advocate for children and families in the San Diego area, and a tremendous resource to men, women and families. Sheri is committed to helping people from all walks of life find their strengths and “get to the next happy place.” Sheri earned her American Bar Association approved Paralegal Certificate with Honors from the University of San Diego in 2004, and has continued to focus primarily on Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution, helping families and individuals move forward with their lives.

Sheri is an active member of the legal community and has been a member of the San Diego Paralegal Association since 2004, served on the Board of Directors for 3 years, and was elected Vice President of Membership. She also participates in the University of San Diego Paralegal Alumni Association, and is often called upon as a consultant by other legal professionals.

Originally from New York, Sheri attended Hartwick College and pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology focusing on the Psychology of Women and Elder Care. She moved to California in 1985 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing in 2003. Sheri is an active learner, attended many hours of business development and personal achievement courses, and is currently pursuing Certification as an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach. In her spare time, Sheri enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering, networking, listening to music, and dancing as often as she can.