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Complex Property Division in California

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While issues such as child custody and visitation may be the most emotional components of a divorce action, complex property division is often one of the most complicated and contentious.

California Community Property Laws

California is a community property state, not an equitable distribution state. This means that any assets or property gained during the course of a marriage belong equally to both spouses and, therefore, the property must be equally divided between the two spouse by the court in a divorce.

At Law & Mediation Firm of Klueck & Hoppes, APC in San Diego, CA, we believe that careful research and aggressive negotiation are the key components to making sure assets are divided fairly among the parties.

CA Property Settlement Agreements

In California, a property settlement agreement is a written contract between two separating spouses that outlines which spouse gets what marital property in the divorce or separation. The focus is division of property, but alimony, child support, and custody can sometimes be addressed in a property settlement agreement.

Using the "mandatory California approach of community property," our legal team can help you reach a fair property settlement and help you determine what can be deemed community property, as well as argue what should or should not be considered separate property. We also have a keen eye to making sure the correct valuations are used and the tax implications of certain assets are factored in when considering your wealth.

If you're facing a divorce that involves complex property division issues, contact our office today to speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers. Our role is to make sure you know all of your options, so you can make confident and well-informed decisions. We offer free consultations.

Our firm can help you try and achieve a fair property settlement agreement in a complex case, addressing matters such as:
  • Investment portfolios
  • Retirement accounts. including 401ks and IRAs
  • Real estate holdings: marital homes, vacation homes, investment properties
  • Stock options, related employment positions, business interests
  • Unique personal assets, such as jewelry, artwork, cars

Procuring the Proper Valuation & Distribution of Assets

Often in high net worth divorces, determining the actual value of your assets requires formal appraisals and valuations done by qualified experts. We work with respected professionals across all industries, including business valuation experts and real estate appraisers.

We also consult with accountants who can help us properly determine the tax implications that come with the division of certain assets, such as retirement accounts, investment portfolios, selling a portion of a family business, as well as stock options.

Our attorneys are also experienced when it comes to debt allocation as a component of any divorce agreement. We will be at your side, helping you sort through every asset and option. We also offer a wide variety of models when it comes to trying to negotiate these issues, including mediation and collaborative law, which are often more open, amicable, and cost-effective solutions.

Contact Our Divorce Firm in San Diego, CA

We are here to protect what you have earned, to make sure it is divided fairly and to ensure you and your family are provided for in the future. If you have questions and wish to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, contact our law firm by dialing (619) 577-4900 or by contacting us online.

Our primary law office is in La Mesa, California, near the San Diego State University College area. We also have a satellite office in La Jolla available by appointment only.

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