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Traci Hoppes Explains Different Parts of Divorce in "Three Divorces In One"

Traci Hoppes Explains Different Parts of Divorce in
Law & Mediation Firm of Klueck & Hoppes, APC

In many cases, family lawyers are hired to help couples obtain a legal divorce. According to an article titled, “Three Divorces in One,” written by our very own Attorney Traci Hoppes, many clients concurrently move through the following three different types of divorce.

1. An Emotional Divorce

This part of divorce starts when a couple makes a decision to separate and ends when a couple accepts that the relationship has concluded. Many psychologists who study divorce believe that the end of a relationship results in a grieving process comparable to grieving the death of a loved one. In fact, researchers have determined that people dealing with an ending relationship move through the following four stages:

  • Shock and denial
  • Bargaining
  • Anger
  • Acceptance

In this part of the divorce, it is important for spouses to remain aware of each other’s emotions. Failure to understand one another can lead to greater problems during the divorce process.

2. A Financial Divorce

In this part of divorce, debts and property that was accumulated during the marriage are divided. Now, the couple or a third party will have to decide how an income that once supported one household will support two. If spouses can cooperate and remain cordial with one another, the couple may be able to save money on attorney fees and court costs. However, if a couple is unable to cooperate with one another, they may be required to spend money in order to complete the divorce process.

3. A Legal Divorce

This part of the divorce process can be the most complicated or the simplest. During this section of the divorce, certain documents need to be completed and filed with a court before a judge can sign the divorce judgment. If the couple fulfills the legal requirements and the case is uncontested, the divorce may not be expensive or complex. However, if couples face troubles in the emotional or financial parts of the divorce, the legal divorce can become lengthy and costly.