Koryn Sheppard


Koryn Sheppard

Relentless San Diego Family Law Attorney

Attorney Koryn Sheppard is a passionate and intense warrior, both in the courtroom and outside of it. As a family law attorney, she has a reputation for making her clients' needs clear, and refusing to back down until those needs are met. As a result, she has a remarkable track record of success.

At the same time, Koryn empathizes with the needs of children and spouses as they go through a difficult time. While she is a formidable courtroom presence, she works hard to advocate through settlement or alternative means whenever it would benefit her client. As the child of divorce herself, she knows that avoiding a court battle is one of the greatest services an attorney could offer a client.

As a result of her practice, Koryn lives out her guiding quote: “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War).

Professional Experience

Koryn has been practicing law for over 7 years, and in 2012 completed the San Diego Family Law College of Trial Advocacy course. This 6-week intensive course is designed to train attorneys who wish to deepen their knowledge of trial advocacy. Shortly afterward, Koryn was selected as one of San Diego’s Top Family Law Attorneys of 2013.

Koryn also has unique experience handling military divorces. She is acutely aware of the needs of military families, as her grandfather, father, step-father, and best friend have all served in various branches of the U.S. military—a fact that she is very much proud of.



Koryn earned her Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law, graduating among the highest performing students in her class. While on campus, she exhibited the signs of a great leader in the legal community, founding the first Association of Trial Lawyers of America chapter at California Western. She also participated in a number of other student associations while completing her studies, often earning an “Amjur”—the highest possible grade in a law course.

For her undergrad, Koryn studied philosophy at UCLA. She also wrote poetry, and even had some of it published in literary magazines during her time at college. Her passion for reading, writing, and learning has continued to serve her as an attorney, where victory is often found in preparation.

Outside The Courtroom

Personal Life

A warrior in her private life as well, Koryn is a student of Muay Thai kickboxing and jiu jitsu. However, she also pushes her limits through indoor rock climbing and group fitness classes at the gym. To relax, she can often be found with a fantasy or fiction novel, poetry collection, or comic while enjoying a San Diego-made craft beer. She’s a fan of comic book art, motorcycles, and hockey as well.