Vivianne Shands-Kelly


Vivianne Shands-Kelly

Compassionate Family Lawyer in San Diego

Compassion is one of the chief virtues that a family law attorney must have. Combined with integrity, compassion ensures that the attorney is representing the person, not the problem. Attorney Vivianne Shands-Kelly uses the law to address her clients as people, not simply as cases. She recognizes that her clients are dealing with truly difficult circumstances, so she addresses all of those circumstances—not just the legal ones.

As part of her desire to serve her clients more fully, she recently received her Master’s in Counseling Psychology. She plans on using her training in law and counseling to address her clients’ emotional needs while solving their legal issues. This passion for holistic representation is what sets Vivianne apart from most family law attorneys in San Diego, and is what has made her an incredible part of the team at Law & Mediation Firm of Klueck & Hoppes, APC.



Vivianne earned her Juris Doctor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, finishing in the top 11 percent of her class. While there, she became a member of the St. Thomas More Honor Society, a group dedicated to service and ethical development of the legal community. She also served as an editor for the International and Comparative Law Review, and was qualified to join Phi Beta Kappa, a prestigious academic honor society.

She studied History and Music for her bachelor’s degree at UCSD. Her performance background makes her a powerful courtroom presence, despite her gentle demeanor around clients. Her sense of storytelling, developed during her undergrad, also helps her present cases in a honest and compelling way.

Outside The Courtroom

Personal Life

In her personal and professional life, Vivianne loves reading, writing, and learning. Her insatiable desire to know more has helped her become a better lawyer, a better advocate, and an overall better person. It is what has led her to pursue a Master’s degree while practicing as a lawyer full-time.

In her spare time, Vivianne enjoys the outdoors. She loves camping and hiking, but also practices yoga whenever possible. Her favorite free-time activity by far, however, is curling up with a book and her cat.