Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you are considering marriage and have amassed considerable savings and property or have experienced a previous failed marriage, you may decide that a prenuptial agreement (referred to in the state of California as a “premarital agreement”) may be a good and necessary safety net for you. While most people do not enter a marriage expecting it to end, protecting yourself against the worst (and the unexpected) may be wise. You may want to get a prenuptial agreement if you are any of the following:

  • A homeowner
  • A business owner
  • A grandparent
  • A single parent
  • An established businessman or woman

If any of the above apply to you, a prenuptial agreement may be essential to protecting your dependents, your children, your business, and the wealth you have worked hard to build. In the event of divorce, you could lose or be required to share or split these with someone else. You should only create or sign a prenuptial agreement if it is in your personal best interest to do so, and you should proceed with caution when you are put under significant pressure to comply with the terms of an agreement that you have not been able to study in depth, discuss in detail with your partner, or go over with your own lawyer. Be wary of signing a prenuptial agreement out of fear, as the consequences of a prenup can come back to haunt you if your marriage ends poorly.

If you are interested in creating a prenuptial agreement before entering a marriage, you have been presented with the terms of a prenuptial agreement, or you are interested in contesting the terms of your current prenuptial agreement, you will need experience family law experts on your side. Our team at Family Law San Diego is ready to employ all of our experience and knowledge on your behalf, and it is our mission to make sure you are not taken advantage of, whether upon entering or exiting a marriage.

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