How to Talk to Your Spouse About Getting a Divorce

Sometimes trying to make your marriage work is simply not enough and you might feel you need to get divorced from your spouse. However, telling your partner about your feelings can be a very difficult conversation to have. In this blog, we explain how you should talk to your spouse when you decide it is time to tell them you want a divorce.

Starting the Conversation

It is important to understand where your spouse is emotionally before you tell them you want a divorce. Knowing their emotional state should help you figure how to approach the topic. It is also important to choose the right moment to have the divorce talk. Don’t ask for a divorce if your spouse has just been laid off or fired, doing so can make the conversation become confrontational. If you have children, you should make arrangements for them to be elsewhere when you and your spouse talk about getting divorced.

Use a Firm But Gentle Tone

The tone you use to ask for a divorce can end up dictating the way your entire divorce process unfolds. If you are angry and blame your spouse for your marital conflicts, you will likely receive a hostile response. Use a gentle tone when you speak and offer your spouse compassion, but remain firm in your decision. Think about how you would want to receive bad news and attempt to replicate a respectful response.

Don’t Get Into Too Many Details

Even if your spouse agrees that divorce is the best option, you should avoid discussing property division or child custody arrangements. Talking about these things without a lawyer present can end up hurting you when your case goes to court.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer when it comes to asking your spouse for a divorce. But if you prepare ahead of time and use the tips provided above, you can make the conversation as peaceful as possible for you, your spouse, and your children.

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