Telling Your Children About Your Divorce

For divorcing parents, one of the most difficult conversations they will have is with their children when they break the news about their split. How you deliver this life-altering news will play a big part in how they cope with it and move forward, so it is essential for you and your spouse to plan for it. Continue reading for some tips on how to handle this delicate conversation.

How to Break the News

The best thing you can do for your children is to deliver the news of your divorce as a team. It may be a challenge for you to cooperate with your spouse on anything right now, but hearing about the divorce from both of you will help your children feel more secure.

Try implementing the following tips in your plan:

- Plan to tell them before the weekend, so they have a couple of days to process the information. Do not try to unload this information on them before school or any other time when they might not have a chance to have questions or talk about their concerns.

- Emphasize the fact that although their family will change, your love for them will not. It may seem like an obvious fact to you, but it the uncertainty of this moment might make them question it.

- If you can, try to provide some clarity on the situation by letting your children know what to expect. For example, if you or your spouse is planning to move out, let your children know when and where. Knowing some of this information will lessen their anxieties.

- Encourage them to ask questions, but do not make them feel like they have to if they are not ready. They may need time to think things through before they can articulate any questions or concerns.

You should also continue to be available to your children after this initial conversation with them. They might not have much to say in the coming days or even weeks, but eventually, they will and they will need you to be there for them.

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