Threat - "I Am Going to Take The Kids Away From You"

Regarding child custody, one of the soul-frightening threats that people make to one another when their relationships are ending is "I am going to get a lawyer and I am going to take the kids away from you."

Most often, this type of threat is made by men toward women who are moms. Often, these men have been abusive toward these women. For most of these women, their lives have revolved around their children and the bearing and raising their children have been the central achievement and focus of their lives. Under the circumstances of their lives, the threat that "I am going to take the kids away from you" is a devastating threat!

Very often, the victims of the threat "cave" and give the threatening person what he is demanding, because the thought of losing custody of their kids is inconceivable to the victim of the threat. However, such victims need to know that, if they can see past their fears, such threats are almost certainly empty threats.

Can the Other Parent Take Your Child Away?

The court system operates under the principle of the "best interest of the children." As a result, somebody threatening that "I am going to take the kids away from you" will have to come up with a rationale or reasoning why this person, who has not been the principal caregiver to these children throughout their lives, should suddenly should be in care of them. Of course, they are highly unlikely to be able to do this.

The threats often involved them threatening to lie and make up stories about why the victim is an unfit mom and therefore they are "going to take the kids away from her." The problem the threatening person has, however, is why did they in trust the children for so much time for so many months or years in the care of this person whom they now claim is unfit.

Although the threat to take the children away from her may be an unrealistic threat, such threats must be taken seriously. It is critically important that the victim of such threats seek legal advice as soon as possible. Do not give into the threats — gain strength and get help! Contact Family Law San Diego.