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Law & Mediation Firm of Klueck & Hoppes, APC is the leading family law firm in San Diego. We provide a variety of flexible options designed to do one thing: help you protect your family and navigate through the most turbulent changes in your life.

Our role is simple-we use 25 years of family law experience and expertise to provide you with all of your options. Empowered by a full variety of choices, we help you make your decisions with clarity and confidence. Call (619) 577-4900 or email our firm to speak with us at the office located nearest to you.

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No matter which office you choose, we promise to return your call or email within 1 business day. Our firm believes that people deserve a lawyer who communicates openly and honestly about their case-if you believe the same thing, we may be the firm you're looking for.

From our office locations in La Mesa and La Jolla, we proudly serve individuals and families throughout East County and the entire San Diego region, including: