The Importance of Experienced Representation in a Divorce

While divorce is something every person hopes to avoid, many find it as the only option left when their marriage is irreparable. If you find yourself in this difficult situation, it is important to keep in mind that under the law, you have rights to equitable distribution of marital property, custody or visitation of shared children, protection from domestic and physical abuse, and others rights as well.

At Family Law San Diego, our legal team is prepared to handle all factors related to divorce, including:

Do I Really Need a Lawyer on My Side?

If you have been contemplating divorce, chances are you have spoken to several people who have moved through the legal process. While some individuals experience seamless divorces, many others suffer through long, emotionally taxing processes. For this reason, it is always beneficial to seek legal counsel from an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney.

A skilled divorce lawyer can resolve difficult issues through mediation outside of the court. Of course, this can save you money on unnecessary court fees and expensive attorney fees. In addition, retaining a lawyer can prevent you from suffering emotional distress and mental anxiety about your divorce and other matters related to the process. Additionally, it is important to retain legal advocacy that is ready to litigate difficult and complex matters.

When to Contact a Family Lawyer

Our legal team believes it is to your benefit to hire an attorney to help you move through the divorce process regardless of whether your spouse has hired a lawyer or not. It is especially advisable to do so if you and your spouse have children together. An attorney can ensure your children are safeguarded from the emotional trauma that can occur through the course of a complicated divorce. Because the judicial system can be highly complex, it is best to have the advice and backbone of a knowledgeable, seasoned family lawyer who is ready to fight for the rights of you, your children, and your futures.

If you believe divorce is the right option, we urge you to call our lawyers at Family Law San Diego right away. Our Board Certified Family Law Specialists provide real solutions for real people. Contact us today. We are backed by over 125 years of combined legal experience.