Signs That Your Spouse Is Hiding Marital Assets During Your Divorce

A person who is married to someone who lies, cheats and steals in the divorce can become demoralized by the experience. When one spouse counts on the other spouse to get by, it can be easy for the dependent spouse to feel like they have to settle their divorce for a less than desirable amount. Because the issue of concealing assets during divorce is common, it’s important to talk about how spouses try to hide their assets from one another.

What to Look For

Be suspicious if your spouse exhibits any of the following signs, they might be trying to hide valuable assets from you:

  • They have to have complete control of your bank account information and online passwords
  • Won’t let you know about the financial affairs
  • Deletes personal financial programs like Quicken and Quickbooks on your shared devices
  • Makes unusual purchases of items that could be sold later
  • Suddenly takes frequent trips out of town
  • Begins to take out high interest loans in both of your names
  • Deposits less money into your shared bank accounts than they normally do
  • Won’t sign important documents like tax returns and deeds

A spouse who is trying to hide assets usually has particular, but also predictable, objectives. In general, their goals are to:

  • Hide, understate, or undervalue the assets they want to keep
  • Overstate their debts
  • Report a lower revenue of income than they actually have
  • Inflate their expenses

Predictable tactics include:

  • Understating revenue
  • Stashing unrecorded cash
  • Transferring ownership of valuable assets to friends, siblings, and parents

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