Child Custody Tips for Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is one of the most enjoyable times of the year because families often have extra time to spend with each other doing various fun activities. For divorced and separated couples, getting through summer vacation without arguments or scheduling conflicts can be a major struggle. If you no longer live with your spouse and are worried about making a fair plan for spending time with your children over the summer, consider the following tips for dealing with common child custody issues.

Make a Fair Vacation Schedule

Now that your kids are out of school, there will be plenty of time for traveling together to fun and exciting destinations. No parent wants to spend their summer in court engaged in a heated custody battle with their ex. To avoid this situation, take the time to talk to your ex about any travel plans you have involving the children so they are aware and can plan accordingly. The two of you should also make a custody and visitation schedule for the entire summer. Make sure both parents sign the custody agreement and submit it to the judge.

Communicate Changes with Your Ex

Try to give the other parent enough notice about any changes that might arise and affect the summer visitation schedule. Don’t make your ex feel overwhelmed by suddenly telling them that the plan you agreed on needs to change at the drop of a hat. If changes need to be made to the custody and visitation schedule, inform the other parent as soon as possible so they can make the necessary arrangements. The sooner you inform your ex of changes, the more likely they will be to accommodate your needs.

Exchange Custody in a Safe Place

Exchanging custody can be an awkward situation for some divorced parents, especially if the parents don’t get along or tend to argue when they meet in person. To avoid the stress of exchanging custody, you should meet with the other parent in a public setting. It is important that your kids feel safe at the location you use, which is why many parents often exchange custody at schools. The familiarity of the school setting helps kids feel comfortable while the busy nature of these facilities usually prevents parents from getting into verbal arguments.

Let Your Children Talk to the Other Parent Over Summer

It’s normal for your children to miss their other parent when they are with you. Just because your kids get to spend the majority of the summer with you, it doesn’t mean you can put a communication embargo on the other parent. Whether your kids want to occasionally text the other parent or talk to them on Skype, it’s always a good idea to maintain open lines of commutation with your ex when the children are with you over the summer.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Attorneys

No matter what happens between you and your ex over the summer break, it is important to remember that you must abide by the terms of your custody agreement. Our seasoned attorneys can help you modify your agreement if you want to take your kids on an out-of-state trip over the summer but you don’t have your ex’s approval. We know that it can be difficult to handle custody disputes on your own, which is why we are here to protect your best interests throughout each phase of the legal process.

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