Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Should Motivate You to Get a Prenup

Billionaire Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie made national headlines when the two announced in a tweet that they would be getting divorced. Now, legal experts are talking about what will happen if Bezos didn’t have a prenuptial agreement to protect his interests. In this blog, we explain why Jeff Bezos’ wealth is at risk in his divorce case and why you should consider signing a prenup before you get married.

Why Do I Need a Prenup?

Although you might not have $136 billion like Jeff Bezos, you still need to protect your wealth if you plan to get married. According to TMZ, Jeff and MacKenzie did not sign a prenup before getting married, which means the fortune of the world’s wealthiest man will be at stake in this divorce.

When you and your spouse make a prenuptial agreement, it will set out each of your rights to property and assets if you end up getting divorced. According to community property law, "money earned by either spouse during marriage and all property bought with those earnings are considered community property that is owned equally by husband and wife.” Without this important document, the state will divide your assets and property if you and your spouse can’t resolve your dispute.

More couples now days are interested in using prenups to protect their assets. 62% of respondents to a 2016 survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers revealed that they noticed a significant increase in clients seeking prenups. 51% of respondents noticed a specific uptick among millennial clients.

With today’s rising rate of couples filing for divorce, it’s only practical to execute a prenuptial agreement before entering into marriage.

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