The Benefits of Mediation

Most couples who choose divorce believe they have no control over the outcome. However, alternative dispute resolutions (such as mediation) allow parties to settle their entire case without stepping foot in a courtroom.

In mediation, a couple can control the outcome of their divorce if they can amicably reach an agreement. Mediation is the process in which both parties involved sit down with a neutral third party to settle their case. Whether their issues revolve around child custody, monetary support, or property division, the parties should be able to reach an agreement without appearing before a judge.

The role of the mediator is to listen to each party’s position and help facilitate the finalized agreement. If mediation is successful, the case can settle and the parties agreement is then filed and made an official judgment with the divorce court. One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that both parties can reach an agreement differing from what a court would order. For instance, if the parties cannot agree on how to divide a community property bank account, the law will demand that the account be divided 50/50. However, in mediation, the parties have full control over how they would like to divide their account, even if it is not 50/50.

Another key benefit of mediation is the total cost. The cost of mediation tends to be much lower than a court room divorce. For example, the average cost of a divorce is around $25,000 per person; mediation, however, is usually a fraction of this amount. There are no winners in family court; however, if the parties can work together in mediation to reach a final agreement, they will save money and walk away knowing they had full control of the outcome.

Compassionate Mediation Legal Representatives

Mediation is the perfect alternative to a courtroom divorce for couples who can amicably work through key issues. Our attorneys have experience guiding many couples toward achieving a peaceful end to their marriage.

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