Mother and daughter decorating Christmas tree

Put your Children First During the Holiday Season

Even under the best of circumstances, the holiday season can feel a little overwhelming. But if this is your first holiday as a divorced parent, it can feel downright stressful.

Co-parenting during the holidays takes work, but it’s not impossible. And by putting your children’s needs ahead of your own, you can ensure a holiday season that’s truly merry and bright.

Make Your Children’s Wellbeing a Priority

Kick-off the season with a positive mindset.

Just like parents often need to physically and financially prepare for the holidays, it’s important that you also emotionally prepare yourself and your children. The first holiday after a divorce can bring up a lot of emotions, including anger, regret, and guilt, however, it’s important to remember that you still have plenty of love in your life.

Don’t try to “out-do” your spouse.

Gift-giving should be a fun way to show your loved ones that you care about them, not a way to outshine your ex or paint them in a negative light. While it may be tempting to give gifts separately, giving a gift “from mom and dad” shows your younger children that you’re still a family.

Keep past traditions...

The holidays are all about building memories. If your family goes ice skating every year or to a local light show, keep that tradition alive so that your kids can still look forward to it. It’s likely that they’ve already experienced a number of changes in their life so it’s important to keep some things consistent.

...while also creating new ones.

While it’s important to maintain some traditions, you also want to use this time to establish new ones. Maybe this is the year you start baking holiday cookies or having a Christmas movie marathon. Whatever you decide to do, new traditions can help your children enjoy the holiday season and ease some of the stress they may have been feeling lately.

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