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Is There Any Way to “Speed Up” a Divorce in California?

Once you and your partner have made the decision to get divorced, it’s only natural to want the process to go quickly. However, divorces tend to take longer than most people realize.

That being said, try not to focus on getting a divorce as quickly as possible — in an effort to be divorced, you may end up forfeiting your right to things you’re entitled to. A few years down the road, you may regret some of the decisions you made in an attempt to finalize your divorce quickly.

Making Your Divorce More Efficient

Keep a detailed record of your personal information.

From your marriage certificate to banking statements, having a detailed record of your “life” can help the process go much smoother. If you’re missing vital pieces of information or proof, additional processes will need to be taken, prolonging your divorce.

Cooperate with your spouse as much as possible.

More often than not, the causes of a long, drawn-out divorce are due to significant disagreements about child custody, child support, and property division.

The best way to “speed up” your divorce is to understand that the goal of a divorce is not to win, but rather to come up with an agreement that is fair for all parties — a positive mindset can significantly reduce the time it takes to be granted a divorce.

Opt for mediation over a trial.

Despite what daytime court dramas may suggest, most divorce cases don’t go to trial. Mediation gives you and your partner the opportunity to discuss your concerns in a supervised setting and come to an agreement that benefits both parties. Typically, mediation saves you time, money, and stress, while allowing you to remain in control of your future.

And unlike a trial in open court, mediation is confidential. Due to the sensitive nature of family law, many parents are drawn to mediation because it offers more long-term privacy.

Hire an experienced attorney.

Most everyone nowadays knows someone who has gone through a divorce, but the process can still be overwhelming and confusing. If you decide to go at it alone, you may be surprised by the legal knowledge needed to what you rightfully deserve.

While attorneys may not be required in order for you to get a divorce, they provide a wealth of information that will ultimately save you time and money.

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