Co-Parenting Tips for the Recently Divorced

After a divorce, raising your children together may be somewhat of a challenge, especially if the process was particularly hostile. Since it is in the best interests of your children that you minimize conflict and tension, it is important that you learn how to effectively collaborate as parents, so your kids can continue to thrive. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to co-parent with your ex-spouse.

How to Successfully Co-Parent

Learning how to set your hurt feelings aside to focus on the needs of your children is essential for learning how to successfully co-parent with your ex.

Here are some tips on how to move forward:

  • Keep all of your conversations with your ex-spouse focused on your children. Staying focused on the kids will help you avoid getting involved in a more personal conversation that may turn into a fight.
  • Do not ask your children to pass messages along to your ex-spouse. It is important to keep them out of any discussions with your co-parent, so if there is something you want to tell your ex, do so directly.
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with your ex-spouse. For example, using a business-like tone can help keep things calm and respectful.
  • Collaborate to create consistent routines and rules in both households. Consistency will help avoid confusion for your kids and lessen the potential for conflict between you and your ex.
  • Making all important decisions, such as your children’s medical needs and financial issues together. Withholding information will only create bigger problems.
  • Be willing to compromise, even if it is not your first choice. It is not possible for both of you to always get what you want, so flexibility is essential.

Once the dust gradually begins to settle, you and your co-parent will likely be able to navigate this situation with greater ease. However, if you continue to encounter child-related issues that require legal assistance, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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