what to wear to court

What Should I Wear to Court?

If your family law case requires you to go to court, you need to know how to dress. First impressions are extremely important, so you will want to present yourself respectfully and wear something clean and conservative.

Usually, you can wear something you would wear to church or a nice social function to court. Make sure your clothing fits you well and avoid showing too much skin.

What to Wear: Women

Women should wear dress pants or a fingertip-length skirt with a solid-colored blouse. Avoid “loud” or “busy” patterns and cover exposed arms or shoulders with a blazer or cardigan. Women may also wear a professional-looking dress – as long as it is not too short.

No matter what, women should avoid low-cut blouses, skirts or dresses that are too short, and clothing that fits too tightly.

Accessories should be simple, hair should be pulled back, and shoes should be conservative. Do not show up to court in sky-high heels, and if you cannot comfortably walk in heels, wear flats instead.

What to Wear: Men

Men should wear slacks or dress pants with a solid-colored button-up shirt and a blazer or sports coat. Avoid short-sleeved shirts and sneakers. Wear dress shoes instead.

Limit jewelry and style hair in a neat, well-groomed manner.

Shave or trim moustaches and beards before court.

Tattoos, Piercings, and Jewelry

If you have tattoos, cover them in court. Remove untraditional piercings and wear conservative jewelry. Usually, men can wear one watch and one ring, and women can wear simple necklaces, stud earrings, and one ring and bracelet.

Avoiding too much jewelry is especially important if financial issues are at stake. For example, the judge may be less likely to reduce the amount of child support you pay if you show up for court covered in diamonds or wearing a Rolex.

Personal Hygiene

Always come to court after a shower and apply deodorant in case you get nervous. If you are worried about sweating, bring a handkerchief along, too. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash before going to court and make sure your hair and nails are neat and clean.

Avoid wearing too much cologne and perfume, and if you choose to wear makeup, keep it light and as natural as possible.

Ultimately, you want to show the judge that you respect the court and take your case seriously. You also want to avoid any bias the judge may have.

The courtroom is not the place to show off your fashion sense or express your personality. Keep things traditional and keep the attention on your case.

Need Help?

Your attorney can give you personalized advice on what to wear to court. Local lawyers often know the judges in nearby courts, so they can tell you if a judge hates nose rings or prefers that men wear ties.

Additionally, your attorney’s job is to protect your best interests in court, and they understand how important appearances can be.

If you are nervous about what to wear to your hearing, simply ask your lawyer for help.

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