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Tools Designed for Effective Co-Parenting

Getting a divorce is often a difficult process with many issues that need to be resolved; it can also have a lasting impact on the child's life, leaving them battling with mental health issues, trauma, stress, and emotional issues. When discussing how to handle child custody, the child's emotional needs should be a priority. Many parents choose to co-parent and maintain a respectful relationship with their ex to help navigate the child's life, promote wellbeing, and establish core routines.

When a child is raised by parents separately, it can be a stressful experience. To transition from this parental hardship and minimize tension regarding co-parenting, here are several beneficial tools to help you communicate more effectively as a co-parent.


Coparently offers online and digital communication tools to assist parents with the child's schedule and help improve calendar issues. This platform can also help parents track shared expenses, ultimately helping separated parents manage their child's custody in a healthy manner.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a digital tool designed specifically for co-parenting relationships. It also assists parents in keeping track of shared finances, establishing custody schedules, and helps parents communicate healthily by solving shared custody challenges together.

Co-parenting Coaching

Seeking a co-parenting coach can be a healthy way to navigate an unsettling time for you, your ex, and your child. Coaching can help guide parents through the transition from intimate spouses to respectful co-parents. One of the most effective tools used by a co-parenting coach is the development and implementation of a parenting plan. The most significant role of a co-parenting coach is to offer solutions to parenting disagreements.

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