What is Parallel Parenting?

Divorce can sometimes get messy and, if yours was particularly fraught with conflict, raising your children as co-parents may feel impossible. Under these circumstances, you may benefit from parallel parenting since it allows parents to raise their children with limited interactions, giving them each the space they need to cool down. Continue reading to learn more about parallel parenting and if it is right for you.

The Benefits of Parallel Parenting

Parallel parenting is generally not designed to last forever. Instead, it is meant to give parents the time apart they need to work through the negative feelings they may have toward one another, so they can eventually become more effective co-parents.

Here are some of the benefits of parallel parenting:

  • Preserves the parent-child relationship: Through parallel parenting, both parents will be able to maintain a relationship with their child without interacting with each other. However, both parents will continue to play an active role in the life of their child and partake in making major decisions. Neither parent will have a more important role in the life of the child.
  • Keeps the child away from conflict: With the parallel parenting approach, children are also less likely to be exposed to hostility and conflict. Protecting your children from these antagonistic interactions is important because it allows children to have a healthier, less stressful experience with this situation. It is not uncommon for children to blame themselves for their parents’ divorce and these high-conflict situations may make matters more difficult for them.
  • Decrease stress: Your children are not the only ones who can benefit from parallel parenting. You and your former spouse can also benefit from it since this approach is highly effective in reducing stress. If you are less stressed out, you can focus more on healing, moving forward, and embracing the next chapter in your life.

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