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Why Rates of Divorce Increase at the Start of the New Year

January sees such a high spike in divorce consultations and fillings that it’s been unofficially dubbed “divorce month.” While it may seem like a strange way to kick off the New Year, there are many reasons why couples choose to file for divorce during the first month of the year.

Why Divorce Filings Spike in January

The Holidays are Over

Many couples choose to wait until the holidays are over to file for and announce their divorce. This is because couples with children don’t want to “spoil” the holidays by telling their kids that they’re getting a divorce. Couples also don’t want to have to answer questions about their divorce at holiday parties with friends and family.

The holiday season is also a particularly hectic time for families as well as a financial commitment. Many couples don’t want to have to deal with the time commitment and expenses that come with a divorce during an already busy and expensive time of the year.

Starting the Year Off Right

The New Year is a time for people to reevaluate their life, priorities, and goals. Sometimes, the start of a new year gives people the push they need to leave an unhappy marriage and file for divorce.

Some couples also have premarital agreements that dictate how much one spouse gets if the marriage lasts beyond a certain number of years. If one party is considering divorce, the New Year is a reminder that they’re getting closer to that date.

Taxes and Healthcare

Sometimes, the decision to file in January just makes practical sense. Because a divorce will affect a couple’s assets, tax filings, healthcare, and so much more, many couples wait until the year has ended to file for divorce.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in California, it’s essential you have a strong attorney by your side. An attorney can alleviate the emotional stress of a divorce, navigate the family law system, and help you reach a favorable outcome.

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