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A guardianship is the court-supervised administration of a minor under the age of 18. Guardianships are enforced when circumstances no longer allow birth parents to care for their child. These circumstances can include: physical illness, addiction, military deployment, etc.

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The Fundamentals of Guardianships

While legal guardians are very often close relatives of the child, they do not have to be related. When grandparents, siblings, or aunts/uncles cannot fill the role of legal guardian, the role may be entrusted to another relative or even a close family friend. No matter who the legal guardian is, they will be granted many of the same rights and responsibilities as the parents have.

Rights & Responsibilities of Guardians: As a legal guardian, you will be responsible for making decisions related to:

  • The child’s medical care
  • The child’s schooling/education
  • The child’s location of residence

Additionally, you will be expected to advise and contribute on matters related to: financial support of the child, granting permission for marriage (if the child wishes to wed before the age of 18), granting permission for the child to join the armed forces (if the child wishes to enlist before the age of 18), insuring the child in the event of an auto accident, and more.

How Do Guardianships Differ from Adoptions?

The difference between legal guardianships and adoptions lies with the court. The court has the ability to terminate any guardianship that is no longer deemed to be in the child’s best interest. Adoptions, however, are binding.

Guardianships are often used by stepparents who are unable to terminate a biological parent’s legal rights. When stepparent adoption is not an option, legal guardianship may be an alternative. Speak to a San Diego guardianship attorney at our office to learn more.

Empowering People with Choices & Options

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