What If I Can't Afford to Pay Child Support Anymore?

If you have been ordered to pay child support, and can no longer afford to make payments – either due to the loss of your job or other unexpected circumstances – it is imperative that you contact Family Law San Diego. We can help you file a motion for a child support modification. This should be done as soon as possible – especially before your child support payments become overdue.

Grounds for Seeking a Child Support Modification

In order to seek a modification, you must be able to show the court that a significant change in circumstances has made it difficult to maintain current child support obligations. In this case, the change in circumstances might include job loss.

Other circumstances that would warrant a modification include:

  • A change in income for one or both parents
  • One parent is incarcerated for a period of time
  • The needs of the child have significantly changed
  • One parent has a child in another relationship

If your circumstances have changed, leaving you unable to meet your child support obligations, it is important to notify the appropriate family court as soon as possible. Modifications will only apply to future obligations – not overdue payments.

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