Should I Use an Online Divorce Service?

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In the digital age, it seems you can do just about anything on the Internet—even get a divorce. For couples who feel their divorce should be straightforward and simple, or for those who worry that the cost of hiring a San Diego divorce lawyer is too high, using an online divorce service may seem like a good option. Before proceeding, it is in your best interest to make sure you have a good grasp on all of the pros and cons of getting an online divorce.

Potential Benefits of Getting Divorced Online

Using an online divorce service tends to be cheaper than hiring an experienced family lawyer or divorce attorney to help you navigate the ins and outs of a divorce. Most online divorce services also sell you the necessary paperwork you need in order to file for divorce and allow you to do so at home, on your own time.

Risks of Using an Online Divorce Service

While an online divorce service may be less costly than hiring an experienced divorce lawyer, you get what you pay for. You will not receive personalized service, legal help tailored to the nuances of your specific divorce, or professional legal advice on how to protect yourself during your divorce. Online divorce services may have customer service channels, but they do not offer the same level of dedicated, personalized assistance that a family lawyer does.

However, when hiring a legal professional to help you sort out the details of your divorce, you will not only have exclusive access to legal counsel regarding paperwork, court proceedings, etc., you will also have access to compassionate, informed counsel when making legal and non-legal decisions during your divorce. For example, if you hire an expert in family law and matters of child custody, your attorney will be able to help you avoid behaviors and classic mistakes that can hurt you during divorce proceedings.

Using an online divorce service also has the potential to increase tension, confusion, and the likelihood of making permanent mistakes. Jumping straight into a divorce online eliminates the possibility of mediation and deliberation on major decisions about property division and child custody, which are permanent once a divorce is made final. For couples who are filing for divorce and experiencing serious disagreements, working through an intermediary, which online divorce services do not provide, is often the only option for maintaining civility during your divorce.

An online divorce service also gives you all the paperwork you need, but doesn’t assist you in filling it out in such a way that will reduce the possibility of error or undesirable consequences. When it comes to division of assets, property, debts, and custody of your children, don’t attempt to do the paperwork alone. If you do, you risk being stuck with a burdensome, legally binding divorce decree.

Should I Use an Online Divorce Service?

Generally speaking, using an online divorce service poses far more risks than benefits. When the division of your assets, property, and parental rights are in question, the safest move is to rely on our expert family lawyers at Family Law San Diego . We are experienced in the art of making divorce proceedings as smooth as possible and are ready to help you navigate your divorce, no matter how daunting or complex it may be.

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