Sharing Custody During the Holidays

With Thanksgiving coming up this month, it is important to do all that you can to prevent child custody disputes from arising over the holidays. At Family Law San Diego, we understand that sharing the kids during the holidays can be very difficult for divorced and separated parents. Below, we give you a few tips for sharing custody during the holiday season.

Plan Separate Parties

If you and your ex live relatively close to each other, you should plan two separate events. This way your kids won’t be forced to choose which parent they want to celebrate the holiday with. By having two separate parties, your children can get to know the extended family and friends of their parents without having to worry about a heated dispute.

Share the Date

It’s okay to celebrate a holiday twice in a single day. One parent can host the holiday dinner with the kids, while the other can take them to a fun activity later in the day. You will need to coordinate your schedule with your ex and must also be willing to split your time with the kids in order for this arrangement to work.

Be Inclusive

If you encounter a situation where both parents won’t be able to spend time with the kids, make your best effort to somehow include the parent with the scheduling issue. From sending a package before the holiday to setting aside time for the kids to talk to them over Skype, it is important to do things that will let the other parent know they are a part of the holiday.

Discuss Your Child Custody Issues with a Qualified Lawyer

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