How to Protect Your Credit During Your Divorce

Does Divorce Show Up on Your Credit Report?

When you are going through a divorce, there are many things you need to keep track of. From important court dates to negotiating the details of your settlement, it can be easy to let some things slip your mind. One thing that you don’t want to forget about is protecting your credit score.

At Family Law San Diego, we have encountered countless clients who have had their credit ruined by their former spouse. Below, we tell you a few ways you can protect your credit during your divorce:

  • Pay off and close any joint credit cards you have with your ex.
  • Remove the name of your spouse from all of your bank accounts.
  • Sell your family home and split the profits.
  • If your spouse is awarded the family home in the divorce settlement, make sure they refinance the mortgage in their name. If you are still financially tied to your ex, or the property, your credit score can be affected if they miss their mortgage payments.
  • Before you get divorced, run a credit check to find out which accounts are in your name alone. If you come across any incorrect information in your credit report, have it fixed immediately. You should also run another credit check after your divorce is finished.

If you want to preserve the value of your estate, ask your spouse to consider a collaborative divorce instead of a contested divorce. A collaborative divorce will be less expensive and will save you money on litigation fees.

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