Can My Spouse’s Infidelity Affect the Divorce Settlement?

Adultery is a common reason behind divorce and, although the pain of discovering a spouse’s infidelity can be great, it generally does not play a direct role in a divorce. California is a purely no-fault divorce state, so family courts do not look at evidence of adultery when granting a divorce. All that will matter to a judge is that your marriage failed.

Moreover, despite prevalent divorce myths, you cannot clean out your spouse during the divorce process simply because of infidelity in the marriage. However, an affair may indirectly affect a divorce settlement, so continue reading to learn more.

Divorce Settlements and Affairs

Your spouse’s affair is not reason enough for a judge to grant you a more favorable settlement. That said, if your spouse spent a considerable amount of money to conduct this affair, it may be considered wasteful dissipation. For example, if your spouse cheated on you with someone in expensive hotel rooms, feasting on decadent room service on a regular basis, this could quickly rack up a major bill. Since your spouse would have likely used marital funds to do this, a judge may award you a larger share to make up for the wasted funds.

When it comes to child custody, this is another matter that is not directly affected by the existence of an affair. However, if your children were harmed as a result of being exposed to the affair, it would likely impact the outcome of a child custody arrangement as well.

Ultimately, although an affair in itself cannot be used to punish your spouse in court, it may have some indirect consequences that may allow you to receive a more favorable outcome.

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